Onswipe iPad WordPress Theme

If you visit Natural Jenius on the iPad, you will notice our new iPad-specific theme powered by Onswipe.  Onswipe is a platform designed to make publishing look beautiful on tablet devices.  Their software powers the tablet-specific views for sites like Slate and The Blaze.  If you have a blog hosted at wordpress.com, you already have Onswipe ready to go, but if you have a self-hosted WordPress site you can install the plugin.

After installing the plugin, configure it from the Onswipe settings in the Appearance menu. You can choose how your images are displayed, change the font and select a color scheme.  Save your settings and that’s it.

Onswipe WordPress settings

Onswipe WordPress settings

Check out Natural Jenius on the iPad to see how it looks.  I will upload a screenshot later today.

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