No Internet Explorer 6 Support

I am still tweaking the theme of this site and today I started verifying the layout of the site in other browsers.  I use Chrome daily, so the site naturally looked fine in Chrome.  Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 8/9 all looked fine too.  I had to fix a small Internet Explorer 7 bug, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Then I tested Internet Explorer 6.  Wow!  It’s been years since I’ve dealt with pre-IE7 browsers and I’d forgotten how bad it is.

Natural Jenius Rendered by IE6

I hate IE6

According to NetMarketShare, IE6 still has 8.6% of the desktop browser market.  I suspect this is primarily corporations reluctant to upgrade because they still use internal legacy web applications that will break on newer browsers.  (You shouldn’t be reading my blog at work anyway.)

For now, I have decided to drop IE6 support from this site.  The content is still readable, even if it looks terrible.  I will reevaluate in the future when I have enough visitor statistics to see how many are using IE6.

If you’re reading this in IE6, what are you waiting for?  Upgrade to Chrome, Firefox or Safari!