Range Budgeting

Shelley over at Gun Nuts has a good post about budgeting for range practice.

5. Put down the Starbucks and go to the range

When it comes to practice putting 50 rounds down range once a week is all it takes to maintain a pretty decent skill level with a firearm. Look at the dry fire routine above, it gives you a way to work one day live-fire practice a week in. The cost is only $10-$15 a week – the cost of a daily coffee, a weekly pack or two of cigarettes, or a couple trips to a fast food joint. Seriously, put down the Starbucks and go to the range.

This is what keeps me from practicing more than anything else.  I go to the range so infrequently that I feel like I need to spend three hours and $100 in ammo, which keeps me from going more often. It’s a vicious circle.  Planning on a thirty-minute range trip that costs $15 once a week is a much easier pill to swallow.

Another good way to keep the costs down is to shoot more .22.  I think the best money I ever spent on a gun was when I bought my 22/45.  You can shoot that all day for $20.