Andrew Miller, Green Bay at Pittsburgh, December 2009

The Jenius

Welcome to Natural Jenius, my little piece of the web.  I’m your host, Andy, a computer geek living in Pittsburgh, PA with my quirky web designer wife, Shannon and our two dogs.  That’s me over there.

I am passionate about well-designed, elegant software solutions.  By day, I manage a team of software developers writing large web and server-based applications using .NET and SQL Server.  In my spare time I enjoy learning new technology and programming languages.  The bulk of the content here will focus on programming, software design and technology.

My other main hobby is shooting, mostly handguns.  I have been shooting for two years and I’ve grown to really appreciate classic firearms like the 1911.  I’d also like to start competing in the practical shooting sports, like IPSC and USPSA.

You’ll also find me discussing other areas of interest from time to time, including: home renovation, books, movies, TV and politics.  If this sounds riveting, and I know it does, stick around and learn more.  I welcome all comments and suggestions, so let me know what you think.

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